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So what do you get with the 
listing optimization analysis?
Read on to find out! 

Oh, and Try to contain yourself. It's pretty bitchin' stuff.
The 7-Point Listing Analysis
Point #1: 
Competitive Market Review
We perform a thorough study of your market and competition, including to top selling competitors, to find out who is doing well in your space and why. 

Armed with this information, we look at your listing to identify what you could do to better compete to start taking more of their sales.

Point #2: 
Keyword Research
We do thorough keyword research to find your top 20 most powerful potential traffic-driving keywords.

We then analyze your listing to see which keywords are not being used or optimized. 

Finally, we give you suggestions on how to optimize your keywords to get the most bang for your buck. 
Point #3: 
Price Analysis
More often than not, improper pricing is one of the main killers of listings. It is a primary rookie mistake that we have help people with time and again. 

We analyze your pricing to make sure you are optimized against your competition and then advise you as to the best plan moving forward for pricing your product to succeed in the market you're in.

Point #4: 
Title Format Assessment
Title analysis includes a comparison of your top competition to your current title. 

We then instruct you as to how best to format and structure your title. 

Our titling instructions include not only tips on how to index for more keyword searches, but also in how to communicate to real shoppers through your title.

Point #5: 
Bullet Point Analysis
We analyze your bullet points, compare against your competition and advise any changes toward improvement.

This includes tips on copyrighting that gets attention, keyword optimization to maximize indexing and sales techniques that convert clicks to sales! 

NOTE: we do not write brand-new copy for you as part of this service. But you may order copywriting is an additional service. 
Point #6: 
Product Description Overview
Analysis of your product description, compare to your competition and advise. This includes current tactics to index for the most powerful keywords and search terms, advise on copywriting and more. 

NOTE: we do not write brand-new copy for you as part of this listing. Copywriting is an additional service.
Point #7: 
Photography  Assessment
We study your photos compared with top competition and advise as to improvements that can be made to help boost traffic & conversion.

Using the most current marketing trends, we provide insight into how to make your photos stand out among the crowded Amazon market. 

Some product photography tips include how to grab attention (very important in the main image!), how to use lifestyle images in increase conversion, incorporating infographics, and more.

Your photos should show your product's superiority over your competition and we can show you how to do it. 

NOTE: We do not provide photos with this service, though we are happy to present referrals if needed. 
Your Professional Customized Program
Once we have completed Our 7-point inspection, we create a professional, customized program, tailor-made for your Business. 

Seven (7) days after you submit your listing for review, You will receive a Detailed Analysis and Summarized To-Do list to implement our findings. 

this client report analysis is then emailed to you so you can study and implement the suggestions at your own pace. 
Who Is The Listing Optimization Analysis For?
in our years of working with amazon sellers, we have found that there are those who can benefit from what we offer and those who may not.  

We don't ever embark on a coaching relationship unless we feel that we can truly help the person. 

So who is the listing optimization analysis For?
  •  You have fully studied The Amazing Selling Machine course or a similar Amazon seller training program, But Need Extra Attention And Care. 
  •  You've tried your best to optimize your own listing but Just Can’t Seem To Get That “Edge” and feel you need an outside consultant with experience in listing optimization who can Show You What’s Wrong And How To Fix It. 
  •  You Take Your Business Seriously. This is not some flash-in-the-pan, get-rich-quick hobby to you. You are willing to invest time and money, but you don't want to waste either. 
As With Any Coaching or consulting program, Your Results Are Dependent Upon Your Understanding And Application Of The Information We Provide You. 

We do our very best to ensure you have a well-defined, executable plan and know that you understand that your success is in your hands. We are excited to help you get there.
Who Is The Listing Optimization Analysis NOT For?
We fully believe in the teach a man to fish philosophy and Always do our best to guide people in the direction of best understanding their business so that they can be effective and confident moving forward.

To Get the Best out of our guidance with this service, having the right mindset and coming from the right place for the right reasons is one Major key to your success.

So Who Is The Listing Optimization Analysis For?
  •   Anyone who has not studied The Amazing Selling Machine course or similar. Without That Foundation Of Training, Consulting Like This Quickly Turns Into Basic Amazon Training. We may need to refer you to specific videos or topics within your course so it is really important that you have a basic understanding of Amazon course material.
  •   Anyone who has spent their last dime on their business and is now Looking For A "Hail Mary, Magic-Pill” Solution to their money problems. 
  •   Anyone who is Unwilling To Invest In Themselves Or Their Business. This is a business and you need to spend money to make money. Investing time and money in Learning From The Mistakes And Successes Of Others is the way  smart marketers to take their business to the next level.
Not everyone is in the right place in their amazon journey to suit this service and that is okay. 

For those that are, a truly badass listing awaits...

May your business never be the same again.
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